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Causes and Symptoms: When the small rounded masses of mainly lymphoid tissues behind the tongue on either side of the pharynx-the tonsils-become inflamed, the condition is known as tonsillitis. The swelling of the tonsils is supposed to be caused by an organism haemolytic streptococcus. Tonsils are a barrier to infection as has been proved by modern research even though the mechanism through which they act as watchdogs against infection has not yet been identified. Medical specialists frown, therefore, or surgical interference in cases of tonsillitis.

The pain of tonsillitis comes on suddenly together with a chill and feverishness. The tonsils are inflamed and sometimes the swelling extends to the whole of the throat. There is difficulty in swallowing and the patient is unable to eat. Sometimes, the glands under the jaws are also inflamed and tender to the touch with pain traveling upto the ears. These symptoms should not be ignored, because they might be a precursor of rheumatic fever, a condition which causes concern if the patient is under 18.

Remedies: The treatment of tonsillitis must start with hot fomentation of the front of the neck. Ten grammes of Banafsha flowers should be boiled in five times the milk (50 ml.) strained and he milk taken hot before retiring to bed. The flowers should then be fried in a little ghee and bound to the front of the neck. Bark of Acacia (Babul) should be boiled in water and the decoction used for gargles. Mulethi, Vacha and Kulanjan should be powdered and mixed with Honey. This should be used as a linctus.

Regimen: All hot spicy foods, particularly those in which chillies have been uses as an ingredient, must be banned; bland, soft and liquid foods are the best. To be avoided are sour substances, curds, butter milk and fried substances.


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