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Causes: Toothache or odontalgia may develop because of loose teeth, a suppuration around the base of a tooth or the exposure of a nerve because of a cavity in a tooth. If the nerve is exposed, not much can be done because any pain killers will only have a temporary effect. The only thing that can be done in that case is to have the tooth extracted. An old saying in Persian is Ilaje dandan, ikhraje dandan (the only way to treat the teeth is to have them extracted); it must have been coned in the context of teeth, the nerve of which has been exposed by a cavity. The following remedies should, however, be used to deal with an aching tooth.

Remedies: A pill made of finely ground leaves of Tulsi should be warmed up a little bit and applied to the aching tooth. Ginger ground into a paste with a little Salt also relieves toothache. Or, one ratti of Salmiac should be wrapped in a little cotton wool and pressed on to the aching tooth. The fluid secreted should be allowed to run out of the mouth. Baoberang (Embelia Ribes) may be finely powdered and tied in fine muslin bags. They should be slightly moistened with water, warmed and applied to the aching tooth turn by turn to relieve the pain.

If the gums are swollen and there is a pervading ache in the whole of the dental structure, two tolas of dry Tobacco Leaves and three mashas of Pepper should be ground together and rubbed on the gums.

An age-old remedy taken recourse to by all systems of medicine in case of toothache is the oil of Cloves. Even the dentists plug a cavity of an aching tooth with a tiny wad of cotton soaked in Clove Oil.

In the case of dental caries the latex of the Madar plant should be rubbed on the teeth; it kills the organisms which produce the caries and stops pain quickly.

The diet of a person suffering from dental disorders should be the same as indicated under pyorrhea.

Dirty teeth (a concomitant of digestive disorders) can be dealt with by brushing them with a powder in which five tolas of charcoal of Acacia wood, two tolas of roasted Alum and tola of Rock Salt has been included. Or, the Marine Shells (Kauris) should be burnt and the ashes mixed with a pinch of Salt. The powder should be rubbed vigorously on the teeth to give them a shining glow.


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