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Causes: Epiphora or watery eye is a condition in which the tears over flow on he face. It is an annoying condition caused by either the over-secretion of tears or some interference with the ducts which should convey the tears to the lower part of the nose. It may be because of the stricture of the lachrymal passage.

Remedies: Alum is a fine remedy for this condition. Two rattis of Alum should be dissolved in one tola of Rose Water and dropped into the eyes and a wad of cotton-wool soaked in it applied to the eyes. Or, one tola each of Muskroot (Balchhar) and Oak Galls (Mazu) should be finely ground together and sifted. The powder should be applied to the eyes twice daily.

An excellent internal remedy is the three Myrobalans. Five tolas each of Harar, rind of Bahera and Amla from which the stone has been removed should be ground together sifted and mixed with twice their weight n honey and equal weight of ghee. Two doses of one tola of the confection should be taken daily.


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